Farah Khan makes fun of Shahrukh Khan

Farah Khan and Shahrukh Khan were best pals once upon a time but now things are no so well between then and the crack in their relationship splashed in ‘Tees Maar Khan’ where Farah Khan poked fun at Shahrukh.

By approaching Akshay Kumar for the film in stead of Shahrukh, damage has already been done and now spooking King Khan in TMK, Farah has left no room for any future reconciliation. Akki spoofs SRK in the film. It was shown that Akki most of the time flies off to London to get his backache treatment done. If you are unaware then let me inform you that SRK actually had a backache and he flies off to London very often for treatment

Also, in the movie, Akshay  goes topless and flaunts his six packs abs which is a direct reference to SRK in ‘Om Shanti OM’.

Shrish Kunder who has scripted ‘TMR’ could not stand King Khan at all and it is a clear indication of his hatred.

Well, SRK never leaves any insult unanswered. Let’s see how he counter back to Farah and Shrish.