Farah Ali Khan’s in-house staff tests positive for Covid-19

Farah Ali Khan, sister of Suzanne Khan’s sister and Sanjay Khan’s daughter, who is a jewelry designer revealed that that one of her in-house staff has been tested positive for coronavirus. She added that as a precautionary measure the entire family has also undergone test and they will all be going in self-isolation.

“COVID news spreads faster than the virus. An in-house staff of mine tested positive today and so am moving him to a facility. Have all tested all at home today as well and are going to be quarantined. Be safe yet strong. This too shall pass,” read her first tweet.

She lauded the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for their “swift and timely” action.She further added, “Have to say the BMC & their docs in Mumbai are amazing with dealing with COVID patients. The way they handled the situation & picked up my staff and took him to a facility was swift & timely. They showed kindness & humanity & treated him with dignity. Way to go.”

Meanwhile, novel coronavirus is spreading like a fire in the jungle with 11,439 infected people and recorded 377 deaths.