Fans tweet about Aaradhya’s looks

The world is curious for a single glimpse of the most adorable star kid, Aaradhya Bachchan but Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been to a great extent successful in hiding the face of her baby while returning from Cannes. The moment she landed at the Mumbai international airport, Abhishek escorted his wife and child to the car but couldn't avoid a lensman from clicking Aaradhya’s photo. The photo reveals a little portion of Aaradhya's face.

The picture of the baby is doing all round the net and it is highly searched as all her curious to know how the daughter of most beautiful woman looks like. The picture shows Aaradhya looking at the camera curiously.

The first person to remark about Aaradhya's looks is an ardent fan of Aishwarya, Anisah Hussain from London, she tweeted. “Her eyes are pretty, they're brown, though. She has long eyelashes; the shape is like Aishwarya's though I think. She is really cute; she has pretty eyes and eyelashes! She's a bit browner than Aishwarya but very cute. She (Aishwarya) was really nice and friendly. And Aaradhya was very cute! Aishwarya had her in a pouch and showed me her face properly!” Anisah tweeted.

On seeing the photo, fans opines regarding Aaradhya.

Kirti Kapoor, DU student: “She looks pretty. Why wouldn’t she? With Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai as parents, she ought to look stunning!”

Ujawal, HR professional: “I think she bears resemblance with her father Abhishek”

Sakshi Gupta, MBA aspirant: “People, we need peace! Who are we to say anything about Aaradhya and why should we comment on her features? She is kid and hence, should not be subjected to all this.”

Yamini Sharma, DU student: “Considering the fact that she has Aishwarya Rai as her mother, she has to be subjected to media analysis, which is unnecessary, but also unavoidable. But let’s be sane and not get harsh with comments.”

Tripti Nath, housewife: “Had the Bachchan family revealed Aaradhya’s pictures earlier, people wouldn’t have been so curious. Aaradhya hasn’t even entered the showbiz industry and she is already getting the star treatment!”

Few days back, Jaya Bachchan too spoke about Aaradhya in an interview. She said, “Aaradhya looks like a bit of Aishwarya and a bit of Abhishek. She`s a tall girl. Aaradhya is not intimidated to faces. She is beautiful. I call her 'Strawberry' because when she was born she reminded me of a strawberry. She is always smiling. Touchwood. Now she`s trying to crawl and it`s special to us.”