Fans plead Salman to marry Somy Ali

Do you remember who Somy Ali is? If not, we will help you to bring back her past. She is the ex-girlfriend of Salman from Pakistan. Somy acted in some Bollywood films which unfortunately registered flop at the box-office. She was once the queen of Salman’s heart. But unfortunately their relationship did not work out and Salman rubbed her name from his heart, and recently making Katrina his ladylove. Now that he is all set to marry his girlfriend, worried fans started pleading him to dump Katrina and marry his ex, Somy Ali.

They wrote on his blog, "Please Salman get married to Somy Ali. Not Kat. She is selfish and she only uses you."

"You had lot of problems from one lady whom you had supported to the max. Of course, she does not deserve you and your love. If there is any truth in Kat denying your marriage proposal please marry somebody else immediately. It won’t be right to comment on Kat without knowing the truth. But if she is the one holding back from marriage then she does not deserve you. She will again fall into selfish category. Please do not allow anyone to use you and give pain in return. It’s a humble request from all your die-hard fans. Don’t let your supreme talent and energy get wasted on these silly girls."