Lathi charge over Big B's fans

Amitabh Bachchan at IIFA 2008Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan’s popularity is beyond measure. Wherever he visits, fans go crazy to have a glimpse of him and similar was the situation in Madhya Pradesh when the crowd went out of control of the police when he stepped in the city to promote Sarkar Raj.

His fans had arranged a special screening in a theatre and when the news of Amitabh arrival in the theatre spread far and wide, huge crowd gathered outside the theatre to meet their favorite star. When the crowd went out of control, police used stick to bring the situation under control. Witnessing crowd’s reaction, Mr Bachchan later said, "My fans were too enthusiastic to meet me."

Few days back, the Bachchans landed in Hyderabad to promote Sarkar Raj and there also they received a hearty welcome. Sarkar Raj received a mixed response all over. It was the first film to bring Ash-Abhi together after marriage.