Fans cheer for Amitabh at 'The Great Gatsby' premiere

The Great Gatsby directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Leonardo D’Caprio, Toby Mcguire and Carey Mulligan in the lead roles premiered in New York, but it was our own Amitabh Bachchanm who received cheers of the roaring fans during the event. Amitabh has played the role of Meyer Wolfsheim in the movie. The film is based on the famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald where a young man called Nick Carraway is lured into the world of the rich and the powerful when he meets a millionaire named Jay Gatsby. Wolfsheim is one of the characters whom Carraway meets.

Luhrmann had contacted Bachchan about two years ago in his Mumbai home to play the part in his movie and the iconic star of Bollywood agreed readily. This film with a budget of $125 million and made in 3D marks Bachchan’s Hollywood debut. Talking about his debut experience, the 70 year old superstar said, "As I look back to those moments, I can only have admiration and respect for all those that worked in this magnificent production. The amount of concentrated energy that goes in is quite remarkable."

When the film premiered in New York, the crowd cheered so long and loud that the security force thought that it was the Hollywood superstar and lead actor of the film Leonardo D’Caprio who had come to visit. But it was the homage being paid by thousands of fans to Amitabh Bachchan.

The megastar tweeted, "Back from The Great Gatsby premiere and has to be said... the EF (extended family) was the main attraction. Simply superb! American media, fans, security in shock. Thank you my ED, and thank you to those that cheered their lungs out. US media thought Leonardo had come, when noise went up." He added that without the cheers of the multitude of fans, "no one would have even noticed me". Is it any wonder that Bachchan describes the event as ‘fantastic’ and ‘emotional’? he thanked his fans saying "I really have no words to express my gratitude to all of you that cheered in virtual world, and on the streets of NYC... indebted."

The Great Gatsby is to be screened at the 66th Cannes film festival this year and the actor is eagerly waiting for it. Cannes is celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema this year.