Fan gifts Vidya a diamond ring

Vidya Balan is touched by the love and admiration of one of her ardent fans. A highly besotted fan of Vidya has gifted her a diamond ring in Ahmedabad during the promotion of her upcoming film, ‘No One Killed Jessica’. At first, Vidya refused to take the ring but repeated request of the admirer compelled the actress to accept it.

She was moved by the love and gratitude of the fan and she was touched by the beautiful poem that he has written for her. A source close to Balan confirms, "Yes, a fan gave her a diamond ring. But more than the ring, she was touched by the sweet poem he wrote for her, which he presented to her along with the ring."

She chatted with the fan and even posed photograph with him. This is not the first time that she was gifted a diamond ring by a fan.

"A few months ago, a guy left a pair of diamond earrings for her along with a letter, expressing his ardent love and admiration for her at the gate of her Andheri residence.

The letter was not signed. The actress was curious to know his identity and kept asking people around if they had seen him but nobody had a clue."

Next, she will be seen in the movie 'No One Killed Jessica' where she will play the role of Jessica's sister.