Famous five Indian Remarriages

It was once observed that divorce is the future tense of marriage. While there are cases of failed marriages leading to legal separation or divorce, divorcé in turn may create grounds for a new beginning. A new life with a renewed feel can be ushered in with new fond love. Life with its varied interactions is itself a stepping stone to such changed spectacles and relationships. The gloriously colorful and creative world of Bollywood is replete with illustrations of remarriages.

 1. Mithun Chakraborty
Mithun Chakraborty







The actor cum philanthropist hailing from Bengal, the phenomenally popular Mithun Chakroborty carved his niche with a soul stirring performance in Mrigaya. Having been briefly married to Helen Luke, an unfamiliar one from Bollywood, he secured a stable matrimony in Yogeeta Bali, an actress of repute who happened to be the divorced wife of the leading playback singer Kishore Kumar. Despite news of Mithun’s straying ways, their marriage has sustained the flux of time.

2. Boney Kapoor
Boney Kapoor















The scintillating “hawa hawai” girl Sridevi was not only linked with one of her co stars Mithun , but tabloids testified to their marriage which was subsequently dissolved. To the utter surprise of media and that of her fans Sridevi ended up marrying Bonney Kapoor one of her producer- directors. Bonney Kapoor ended his prior marriage to Mona to remarry Sridevi by whom he has two daughters. His previous marriage to Mona had also been blessed with one son and a daughter.

 3.  Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay Dutt















Sanjay Dutt the only son of Nargis and Sunil Dutt boasts of at least three remarriages. His marriage to the small timer Richa Sharma was not legally ended but came to a tragic culmination with Richa’s death. The actor’s philandering ways neither helped its sustenance. There after he remarried Rhea Pillai whom he had been seeing over a long period of time. With their divorce in    2005 Sanjay once again  was on the lookout for a pretty one. Recently he has found another pretty bird in Manyata, who is also noted for her controversial past.

 4.  Aamir Khan











The so called chocolate hero with his penchant for perfection ended his long tenures of marriage to Rina Dutta, who happened to be his childhood chum. Even before the release of “Qayamat se Qayamat Tak” he was happily married to her. Apart from differences, Aamirs’ reported links to a Hollywood beauty might have widened the rift leading to a divorce. Aamir Khan who happens to be the father of Rina’s children has found his bliss in Kiran Rao who is establishing her niche in direction.

5.   Shoaib Malik
Shoaib Malik









Shoaib Malik the former cricketer of Pakistan hit headlines by his marriage to the leading tennis star of Sania fame. In spite of his initial refusals he was established with his prior marriage to a girl by the name of Aisha.  However his acceptance to divorce her reaffirms his previous marriage. Sania’s marriage to Shoaib also follows her break up with her childhood betrothal.

Historically speaking, our country has an inherent tradition of multiple marriages. There is nothing wrong about it. However, marriage at the cost of breaking another household definitely involves an ethical angle. For that matter, marriage for the heck of it, or remarriage for bringing in some variations may not prove to be a long lasting spectacle.