Exclusive photo of Allu Arjun with son Ayaan

On the happy occasion of 100th days of blockbuster ‘Race Gurram’, Allu Arjun posted picture of his three months old bundle of joy, his son Ayaan’s photo. ‘Race Gurram’ is Allu Arjun’s biggest hit ever in his career and this photo of father and son together is Allu’s treat to his fans.

Ayaan was born just before ‘Race Gurram’ hit the theatre. This is Ayaan’s first photo and it was widely searched. In an earlier interview, talking about his son, Allu Arjun said, "I had waited for a few days before I could get a feel of him. But the first time when I took him into my hands, boy, it was a very sweet feeling and I'm going to treasure those moments for life."

Allu Arjun considered Ayaan as his lucky charm. The photo shows Allu casting a kiss on Ayaan’s cheeks.