Exclusive info on 'Hera Pheri' sequel

A lot is being speculated about producer Firoz A. Nadiadwala planning to make a sequel to his laugh-riot HERA PHERI. With both Firoz and director Priyadarshan maintaining a veil of secrecy around the sequel, the media seems to have...
...gone berserk speculating all kinds of things.

But here's some exclusive info on the project… And, like always, from the horse's mouth [no desk-jobs here!].

With Priyan getting busy with HULCHUL, Nadiadwala has approached Satish Kaushik to direct the sequel, titled PHIR HERA PHERI. Currently shooting MILENGE MILENGE [Shahid Kapur, Kareena Kapoor] in Delhi, Satish will arrive at a decision when he returns to Mumbai on February 17.

“Firoz has approached me to direct the film, but we've yet to sit down and discuss the modalities,” Satish tells me, “The principal star cast will remain the same [Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Paresh Rawal]. Only the leading ladies will be different.”

Could you shed light on the script of the sequel? “Well, it's a fun film. The script [penned by Neeraj Vora] abounds in hilarious situations. But I've yet to be given a detailed narration. Directing a sequel is no child's play; there're so many factors that need to be considered,” Satish states.

After a pause, he continues, “Firoz and I have been toying with the idea of working together for quite some time now. Let's hope it realises this time around.” Let's hope it does!