Exclusive info on 'Dil Maange More'

Shahid KapurNot many are aware that debutante producer Nikhil Panchamiya had rejected more than 70 scripts before he zeroed in on the script of Dil Maange More.

After getting the right producer, director Ananth Narayan Mahadevan got down to the most difficult task of choosing the right cast. "It was tough, though I must confess that...
...Shahid was the first and only choice," Ananth divulges.

But signing the heroines was tough. "The obvious question would be, what do I get to do in a 3-heroine film? But Soha was convinced when she heard the script. Ditto for Ayesha Takia," he adds.

Incidentally, Soha has just finished a Bengali film and her role in Dil Maange More is in sharp contrast to the one in that film. While she will be seen in a serious role in that film, Dil Maange More is more of a light, fun-filled and frothy entertainer.

"Dil Maange More is a breezy love story with today's stars," presenter Nitin Manmohan says. So how different is it from the love stories that continue to flood the market? "I wouldn't like to reveal much for that would be giving away the story, but it's unpredictable. It has twists and turns aplenty," Ananth states.

Dil Maange More has taken quite some time to go on the floors, though it was launched a few months ago in Mumbai. "Shahid has been busy, so getting bulk dates was a problem. But we begin principal photography in June, wrap up the entire shoot by December and release it in the summer of 2005," Ananth says.

To be shot in Mumbai and Malaysia, the film tells the story of one guy and the three women in his life. Reportedly, the producers of the film have paid a whopping amount [1 crore?] to Shahid. "Nobody would pay anybody an 'x' amount if he didn't deserve it," Shahid says, "Yes, money is important, but so is a good script. Eventually, the role has to be good, otherwise nothing works."


For young Nikhil, Samarpur was everything one could ask for... A school he had inherited, football, the game he loved, and the bouquet of seven rainbows on the perfect day.

But when his beloved Neha gets ambitious and takes off from Samarpur to pursue her dreams, Nikhil can't help following her to Mumbai. But fate has something else in store for him...

An unrelenting Neha, a perky workmate Sara and an irksome, yet petite neighbour Shagun. When Neha finally bids goodbye, Nikhil's world is shattered. Ironically, Sara now stands for everything that he wanted in Neha, but another quirk of fate decides who the ideal girl for Nikhil is.

Just when he thought it was the perfect setting for love, his roof caves in, burying him in a rubble of hilarious situations. Who then amongst Neha, Sara and Shagun is finally destined for Nikhil... Dil Maange More is a romance with a mischievous wink!