Ex-lovers Priyanka, Shahid party together till late night

They were once thick lovers in the past but something went wrong between the two and they drifted apart. Yes, we are talking about the ‘Kaminey’ stars Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor. Priyanka and Shahid fell for one another on the set of ‘Kaminey’ and their love story blossomed over the time. During their romantic days, they also shoot for ad together but eventually they called it a quit. Though separated Priyanka and Shahid maintained a cordial relation and remain friends.

Shahid was seen at Priyanka Chopra’s father’s funeral comforting the actress and now again the duo spotted at a party together. They bumped into each other at birthday party of their mutual friend Mubina Rattonsey at her Bandra pad. Both Shahid and Priyanka are close to Mubina and they came to wish her on her D-day. The party went till the wee hours in the morning and Shahid left around 3:30 am. The guest in the party confirmed Shahid and Priyanka’s presence.

“It was her birthday and since Priyanka is very close to her, she went to wish her at her home,” a source said.

The two knew very well that the paparazzi got a good piece of news to make a spicy story. Both made separate exit very carefully so that they might not get clicked.

“Their cars manoeuvred their way in and out of the building. Shahid left first around 3.30 am. Priyanka’s car that had left the building a while ago returned shortly to pick up the actress, as she went out through another exit,” a source added.