Evicted contestant Zubair Khan files complaint against Salman Khan

The second evicted contestant of ‘Bigg Boss 11’, Zubair Khan filed police compliant against superstar and host Salman Khan for threatening him.

He has filed the complaint at the Antop Hill Police Station (Thane, Mumbai) and a copy of the complaint is being circulated on social media. In his complaint, Zubair claimed Salman Khan threatened him on the Saturday’s episode of the show. His complaint reads that Salman said following words to him, “Tere ko kutta banaunga, tu bahar nikal tere ko chhodunga nahi. Tere ko industry me kaam nahi karne dunga, tereko marunga.”

The announcement of Zubair Khan’s eviction was made while he was recovering in hospital. A few days ago, he was admitted to hospital following consuming of pills after Salman Khan blasted him for using abusive language against women of the house. Zubair is fine now and after discharging from hospital, he filed complaint against the superstarat the Antop Hill Police Station.

The case was now transferred to Lonavala Police and they will now look into the matter as the Bigg Boss 11 house is situated in Lonavala.

After filing the complaint, Zubair talked to few journalists and he told them that he dared Salman to meet him in Bandra. He accused Salman of having underworld connections and claimed that he created Being Human to change his image after the infamous hit and run case.

This is not the first time that any ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant turned against Salman Khan. In the previous shows contestants like Sapna Bhavnani, Swami Om have blasted out at Salman after eviction.
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