'Even if I want to kiss Jackie Chan it is not possible'

<a href='//www.bollywoodmantra.com/celebrity/mallika-sherawat/' title='Mallika Sherawat' class='article_display_tag' data-id='mallika-sherawat' id='article_tag_data_mallika-sherawat' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Mallika Sherawat</strong></a>Bollywood's steaming hot babe Mallika Sherawat is literally going places after signing the Jackie Chan film. In the current scenario, she happens to be the only other mainstream Indian actress to strike on the international circuit after Aishwarya Rai (Bride and Prejudice).
In a spicy interview, the Murderous babe talks about everything from...
...the Jackie Chan film to her film with Dharmendra (Kis Kiski Kismat) to the Playboy offer controversy.

How did you get the Jackie Chan film?
Stanley Tong (the director) was in search of an Indian girl for his movie. It was he who came here, met me, took my pictures and took the DVD of Murder abroad and showed it to Jackie. They sat together and decided that she is the girl for us.

Who was the first person to know about this film?
My brother Vikram.

How was the experience of working with Jackie Chan?
Oh! I am his big fan. I have grown upon his movies. I was very nervous and also very excited that I got this opportunity to put myself in the international arena. He was there in Shanghai to welcome me. He has been a thorough professional and so was I. It was extremely pleasant working with him.

Were you aware about the role you were supposed to play in the film?
When I had met the director in Mumbai, he had given me the synopsis of the film. He had also given me a detailed narration of the film and what my character would be like. So I had a clear idea. I am playing an Indian princess in the film with whom Jackie falls in love with. However I got the bound script when I landed in Shanghai.

Did you perform the stunts of the movie yourself?
I am a physically fit girl. But this film needed some different level of fitness. My whole body is aching till now after all those stunts that I did on my own. I am quite surprised with myself. Also Jackie does all the stunts on his own. I was very scared initially but Jackie and Stanley asked me to give it a try.

What kinds of stunts did you work on?
Stunts like the bad guys chasing us, lots of kicks, fighting, jumping and everything. You know how Jackie Chan films are. Unimaginable action! The stunt co-coordinator Richard trained me for a week but also since I have a Yoga background and a dancing background, it helped me a lot.

What difference did you experience of working on a Hollywood film?
The budget is BIG. So they can afford better equipment and better facilities. Otherwise the working style, the people and everything else is almost the same. Chinese are very hospitable people. Jackie and Stanley both went out of their way to be nice to me. They did not put any kind of pressure on me on doing something, which I was not comfortable with.

Will you be dancing in this film?
Yes, I have a dancing sequence in the film on a background track but there is no song.

What does Jackie Chan have to say about your work?
Jackie Chan is extremely happy with my work and he said so. He is proud to have me in his movie and said that he would like to have a long working relationship with me. He is a thorough professional.

Does the film have any steamy explicit scenes as in case of usual Mallika movies?
The film has no kissing scenes or nude scenes. Jackie film is targeted at a family audience and at kids. Even if I want to kiss Jackie Chan, it is not possible. Jackie himself told in one of his interviews that all his fans are his action fans.

But there were rumors of other actresses claiming that you got the role only because you agreed to do some bold scenes in the film?
Well as I said the film is for family audience. So the question of bold scenes does not arise. Also it's really a shame that instead of feeling happy and giving me support that somebody from India has actually done it and is representing India in international cinema, people are spreading these kind of rumors. We as Bollywood yet have to prove ourselves in the international circuit. There is a lot of opportunity and lot of work for all of us and I really hope it opens the door for other actresses as well.

What was Jackie Chan's impression on Bollywood films?
Jackie used to tell me that since all Bollywood films are musicals, he too wanted to learn some dance steps. I showed him 2-3 very popular dance steps of Indian heroines and he copied them very well.

Another Indian actor (Sudhanshu Pandey) also plays a role in the film. Do you have any scenes with him?
Sudhanshu plays the guard of the temple where the mystery lies. But I had no scenes with him.

What is the final title of the film?
It's titled The Myth. It's about a place called Dassa situated between India and China and is about a lost civilization. All the mystery happens there.

Will the film also be premiered in India?
I am trying my best to convince them to have a premiere in India also.

Were you offered to pose for the Playboy magazine?
We got a call from a magazine saying that they wanted me to pose for them. It was an international call. But we never gave any comment about it. We always said that first we have to validate the authenticity of the offer.

How was it working with Dharmendra in Kis Kiski Kismat?
Dharmendra is a legend. My nani used to have crush on him. My mother used to keep his pictures in book. And now her daughter is working with him. It's wonderful. I got to learn so much from him.

So is your mom jealous now?
(Laughs) They are very excited. I made Dharamendraji to talk to my mother. She couldn't believe it was him.

Tell us something about your other film Kis Kiski Kismat?
Kis Kiski Kismat is a nice sexy comedy. It's a feel good movie. I am playing this dimwitted girl who is very dumb but also very courageous. She comes in a big city and gets embroiled in a scandal with the biggest stockbroker of the city. My character in the film is a cross between Mehmood and Madhubala.

After working with younger actors Himanshu, Emraan and Ashmit, what was the experience of working with older actors like Dharmendra and Jackie Chan?
I like older men. Jackie used to call me his little princess. He pampered me so much.

Are you open to more bold roles?
If the script is good and if I have faith in the director and if every thing is shot aesthetically, I have no problems at all. I have whole life to wear old-made frocks. Right now I would rather be sexy. It's good to do sexy roles now because later on I will get many opportunities to do grandmother roles. Mallika will always be sexy in one-way or the other.