Esha Deol shares first picture of her darling daughter, Radhya

Esha Deol shared the first picture of her darling daughter Radhya and she truly looked like a princess. Esha captioned the adorable picture of her daughter# "Radhya Takhtani, our darling daughter," with heart, namaste and smile emotions.

Radhya Takhtani looked cute as a button in a princess dress and with a cute bow on head. The little one bears resemblance to her mom Esha Deol and dad Bharat Takhtani.

Her name Radhya has been derived from Goddess Radha. When the baby was born, the family announced, "We are very happy to announce that our daughter will be named as Radhya Takhtani. The name has been jointly decided by Esha and me," Bharat Takhtani told news agency IANS after her birth.

On October 20, Esha Deol and husband Bharat Takhtani were blessed with a baby girl. 

Radhya's adorable picture has been liked by Esha's colleagues such as Abhishek Bachchan, Amrita Arora and Tusshar Kapoor. "Too cute," reads Abhishek's comment.

Esha Deol will make a comeback this year with short film 'Cakewalk'. "Honestly, my priority is my daughter Radhya now. I have requested my husband to take a break for a few days and just be with Radhya while I wrap up the shoot in one schedule. And I am lucky to have someone like Bharat," she told IANS.

Esha also talked about her daughter’s look and nature. She said, “Radhya is a happy baby unless forced to do something she doesn’t want to do. She’s very much my daughter and there are times when she gives me that Deol look with one eyebrow raised and I feel that I’m looking at myself in the mirror.”

The actress recalled the day when she first announced her pregnancy to her parents. She told Mumbai daily, “For three months, I kept my pregnancy a secret. When I finally told my mother she said she’d known all along, she was a mother too,”She further said, “For a long time she was supposed to arrive on my birthday, November 2, but eventually came a day after Diwali much to Bharat’s relief as he didn’t want another Scorpio in his life. Now, there are three Librans — my mother, husband and daughter — to balance me out.”

Esha Deol is back to work and is learning how to strike a balance between her work and personal time with baby Radhya. Not just acting in a short film ‘Cakewalk’, Esha will also be seen playing Sita in the dance ballet Ramayan. She told Mumbai Mirror, “At the moment she sits on the sofa and watches me during rehearsals, the way I’d watch my mother as a child. That’s how I know every ballet by heart but it’s still a huge responsibility playing Sita, the ideal wife and mother. I was unnerved when I saw my in-laws in the audience at the first performance at Iskcon as they weren’t expected. But it went well and now the role comes with a ‘feel good’ factor."