Entertainment One pulls out of 'The Rising'!

The Aamir Khan starrer ‘The Rising’ has suffered yet another setback after Sahara pulled out of the project. If you remember, Aishwarya Rai was replaced by Ameesha Patel and...
...that apparently opened Pandora’s Box where the film was concerned. Although there are vehement denials that all these incidents are disconnected, a little bird insists that it was when Aishwarya walked out of the film that Sahara decided to part ways with Bobby Bedi. And now, right on the heels of this drastic news comes the shocker that Manmohan Shetty’s Entertainment One has also decided to back out. Although Manmohan Shetty is tightlipped about the reason for the breakup, industrywallas are already putting two and two together. As for us, we’ll let our readers speculate on that one!

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