Emran Hashmi-Learning To Fly

Who's that guy: Emraan Hashmi.

Say what: You've probably seen him in "Footpath'. playing the young chikna drug dealer.

On yeah, now that you mention it: "He's really a crackpot", says the 24-year-old of his character in the film. "He's drug dealer. Actually, a very reluctant drug dealer' cause he'd rather just be lazing around. He works for his brother, who's big drug lord, and although my character starts off with shades of negativity, he later falls in love and wants to change his life for the better."...
...A pretty nonconformist role for a debut: But that's Emraan in real­ity too! "Throughout college [Sydenham] I was on the black list. A couple of times I was thrown out, but somehow I found my way back in. "Ask him to elaborate and he says. "College was fun ini­tially in junior college, but towards the end it got boring. You know, no one ever hangs out at Sydenham-we would always be at other colleges like Xavier's and HR. And I was going through life blind-folded. I had no clue what I wanted to do."

And haven't we all been there: Though luckily for Emraan, he was related to a few good men. "Mahesh Bhatt is like my guru: he's like father. He's my bad's cousin and he's given me every­thing—I was a no good bum and he gave me direction in life."

So that's how Bollywood came a calling: Eventually. yes. "Every cool teenager always looks down on Bollywood, until of course, it becomes a means to subsistence. Then it suddenly becomes very cool," he smirks, adding, " Although, I still don't think I fit into the typical mould of a Bollywood hero. In a way, I'm slightly unconventional-I'm not your typical muscle-flexing type."

Which means what: Which means that he's not in it for "any movie which has a beginning, a love story. and an end. I'm looking for something more chunky than that!"

Ambitious eh: Having started off in direction by assisting Vikram Bhatt. Emraan soon realised that, "Man, it's going to take a long while before I ever become a di­rector! Fortunately. Footpath came jaywalking his way. "Acting is not an easy job." he says. In fact, it started off as a very painful pro­cess for me because emoting and going into your insides and pulling your emotions out is tough-that too with twenty to thirty people watching you on the set! It can be quite nerve-racking!!!" But by the end of the film. Emraan was cine smitten. "I agree, it's also about the ego feed, the money, the fame...but it's also important to enjoy what you do."

When not acting: He's doing what any normal 24-year-old does: "Working out, jogging, chilling out with friends, talking on the phone and surfing the net for porn. "As for a Saturday night out, spot a rave and you'll find Emraan. "I like the music, the rave culture and not being bored by there typical lot of people that you see at every nightclub!"

And what's the babe scene" Not great, for now. " I am chasing oe girl but she's not giving in very easily...."He then adds on a more optimistic note. "Of course, as an actor. I know my chances of get­ting laid are much better than anyone else