Emraan-Amyra sizzling chemistry in ‘Mr. X’

Emraan Hashmi has raised the temperatures along with several actresses. Now the serial kisser is to enact bold scenes with the new actress Amyra Dastur in the duo’s upcoming ‘Mr. X’. The hot couple has already unveiled their amazing romance in the song ‘You Can Call Me X’. Other than Emraan romancing a new lady this time, another thing special about this song are the vocals. This track has been sung by the film’s producer Mahesh Bhatt. With this, Mr. Bhatt is making his singing debut and Alia is happy with her daddy’s new accomplishment. The ‘Highway’ actress tweeted- “it runs in the family”

Already having a very pretty face, all that Amyra Dastur needs to impress her audience is her sexy moves. Amyra surely grabs eyes as she poses in a tub with her hair let down and making her look all the more lovely. The film tells the story of a man who is left to die in a chemical factory. This man, called Raghuram Rathod, is played by Emraan. He plays a cop who changes drastically after the incident. Instead of getting killed, the chemicals make him invisible. While Amyra’s character is called Milli Arora. Interestingly, Emraan continues his passionate kissing even after he becomes invisible. As the trailer reveals, lead star Amyra Dastur is carried by an invisible man. She then dives into the pool and kisses an invisible Emraan.

Last year, Emraan had expressed his wish to do challenging roles. He told the media, “I understand that mainstream cinema is very important for me. It’s my bread and butter but once a year, I want to do a film like ‘Tigers’ which excites me and scares me as an actor. Risks are big chaos but if you go down the beaten path it means the death of your art and creativity as an actor.”

Emraan was elated when he got the superhero film ‘Mr. X’, “It’s a dream come true to do a film like this with visual effects. Besides, it is also a dream come true to play a dark, intense superhero. I didn’t know how they would implement the entire invisibility. I am keen to see the film before it releases because there are a lot of sequences that have been shot without me.” Several scenes have been shot without Emraan where the filmmakers needed to show an invisible man. ‘Mr. X’ would hit the screens on 17th April.