Elli Avram wishes to share screen with Salman Khan

Elli Avram, who stayed in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ for little more than two months, got evicted last weekend. Salman Khan, who liked Elli as a contestant, made the announcement on the weekend episode. Salman often called her ‘paanch saal pehle ki Katrina Kaif’. When Elli was asked if she gets a chance to act alongside Salman Khan, the pretty actress replied, "That will be a dream come true". 

According to Elli, Salman was very kind towards her. She tells, “I am grateful to Salman for every nice thing that he said. The biggest compliment he gave me was that I look more Indian than any other contestant in the house.”

She adds, “I don’t know why he was so nice to me. He is a big superstar. And his kindness meant a lot to me.”

Elli also adds, “I think he sensed that I was all alone in ‘Bigg Boss’ house. The only foreigner. He helped me feel comfortable in Bigg Boss by just the way he spoke to me. Of course, I soon became comfortable in there. I’ve learnt a lot of Hindi in there.”

Elli is a Swedish actress who made her debut in Bollywood with ‘Mickey Virus’. She is the daughter of known Swedish actor Maria Granlaud. Elli did not even thought that she would stay in the house for this long. Elli says, “I thought I will be evicted in the first week itself.”

According to the 23 years old Swedish beauty, she was not providing enough entertainment and was so eliminated. She says, “Yes, but I guess I was not providing any entertainment compared to the others, so I got out.”

Elli was one of the sober contestants at the house gelled with almost everybody. She did not pick up fights with other contestants. She remained calm under odd circumstances.

Elli has also made real friends on the show. She considers Hazel Keech, Ratan Rajput, Sangram and Andy as her good friends. She says, “If you ask me, who my special friends are I’d say Hazel Keech. She was the first to leave Bigg Boss house. But during her last three days in the House we really bonded very very well. Hazel is someone I’d like to meet again now that I’m out of the house.”

About Ratan, she tells, “Ratan was completely down-to-earth. Talking to her was like talking to my family.” Elli also adds, “She sent me a sari for Diwali and I wore it for my farewell episode on Bigg Boss. I hope Ratan was watching.”