Ekta Kapoor’s e-mail account hacked

This is not the first time that any celebrities email account has been hacked by hackers. This is a big threat to the cyber security and our Bollywood stars and TV celebs are often targeted. The latest to fall prey of the hacking case is Television soap queen Ekta Kapoor. Ekta’s email account has been hacked and the hackers are sending false message to her friends through her mail.

An insider reveal that Ekta came to know that her email was hacked when she started receiving phone calls from her friends. They said that they received email from her where they have been asked to pay Rs 11,000 if they wished to get audition for her shows. On hearing this, she was shocked.

Ekta who remains connected to her friends in the US via email shocked to hear all this. Since money is involved in the incident, she thought to take the matter seriously. She has registered a complaint at her nearest police station.

Simultaneously, she has send text messages to her friends in which she has asked them not to respond to those emails as her email has been hacked. She decided to be careful from now and blocked her old mail account and opened a new mail id and gave away her new mail id to selected people only.