Ekta Kapoor miffed with Akshay Kumar

‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara’ received mixed reviews from critics and the film failed to spell magic at the box-office and the maker of the film, Ekta Kapoor holds Akshay Kumar responsible for the film’s bad result. Ekta feels Akshay Kumar has not promoted the film properly. He has not given enough time to the film’s promotion.

Ekta Kapoor felt that Akshay should have followed Shahrukh Khan and promote the film even after it’s release. Shahrukh Khan promoted ‘Chennai Express’ for many days after the film hit the theatres.

Talking about Ekta Kapoor, a source told a leading daily, "Considering that Shahrukh Khan was busy promoting Chennai Express even days after the release, she felt Akshay Kumar needed to be equally present every where. Initially he was greatly involved and gung-ho about the film. But a few days prior to the release of the film, especially once Chennai Express released and started steaming ahead, he seemed to have given up on Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara. His enthusiasm suddenly waned."

What irked the producer is that the action hero did not make last minute attempt to save the film from drowning. Adds the source, "Ekta felt when she needed him the most, he was not around. He moved on to his next project and did not even wait to see how the film was faring. It was as if he had washed his hands off the project. She feels if she had given it a last shot it could have made a bit of a difference."

Ekta however brushes off the rumor by saying, "Ha ha ha. It's not even remotely true. Akshay has a heart of gold and is a super guy." 

Earlier too Akshay Kumar made headlines when he did not promote Shirish Kunder’s ‘Joker’ and Farah Khan solely promoted the film.