Ekta Kapoor lashes out at Shahrukh Khan

With the release of ‘OUATIMD’, Ekta Kapoor was witnessing her biggest release of the year. She is the producer of ‘OUATIMD’. Her movie was released on 15th August in only 1600 screens. The limited release of her movie had an adverse effect on the business of the movie. Her movie performed below average. The movie had a limited release as Shahrukh Khan starrer movie ‘Chennai Express’ released on 8thAugust on Eid day and saw brilliant response. It reigned at the ticket counters and so in the next week also, ‘Chennai Express’ continued its shows at various multiplexes. Due to shows of ‘Chennai Express’ running in the 2nd week also, business of ‘OUATIMD’ got a major blow.

It all started when SRK announced the release of ‘Chennai Express’ on Eid (8th August). Ekta also wanted the same movie release date.

Then a stretched battle began between her and SRK’s production house. Ekta even took favor from MNS to pressurize SRK. However, it was Ekta who finally got convinced to postpone release date of her movie for the other big holiday and that was 15th August.

A source close to Ekta revealed that she was assured that ‘Chennai Express’ will withdraw its shows from 2000 screens and would allow ‘OUATIMD’ to play its shows.

“Ekta relented because she was promised something in return. And the bait was the promise that ‘Chennai Express’ wouldn't come in the way of the big release she had planned for ‘OUATIMD’ on Independence Day.” said the source.

But as ‘Chennai Express’ was running into profits, the producers chose not to withdraw their movie. When Ekta found out the truth, she got very angry. She was told that it was SRK’s decision.

Then Jeetendra tried calling SRK. But SRK did not pick his calls. “While most of his calls went unanswered, finally an unrecognisable person picked up to say, 'Shah Rukh sir is busy with interviews'.” added the source. 

An industry person said, “If UTV had lived up to its promise, ‘OUATIMD’ could have raked in about Rs 10 crore more on its opening day which in turn might have had a Domino effect on its subsequent collections. To add to Balaji's woes the halls they were given were small ones which in turn must have had an adverse effect on their opening day collection.”

Ekta said, “Whatever has happened is extremely disgusting. I am very angry.” 

“It's a producer's prerogative to withdraw a film to aid the release of the next one. But we did not receive any such requests from the producers of ‘Chennai Express’ because it was doing very well. But please note that a producer can only ask for withdrawal, the number of shows we gave to ‘OUATIMD’ on the first day were decided as per our discretion.” said an official from a leading multiplex in Andheri West.