Ekta Kapoor in legal trouble

Looks like producer Ekta Kapoor’s next ‘Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi’ can get tangled in legal trouble. NL Mathur, a resident of Bhopal has filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) in court against Ekta’s production company Balaji Motion Pictures claiming the title of the film is offending to Kayastha community. In the petition Mathur has claimed that the word ‘Jhand’ in the title is derogatory and since it is used with the name Mathur, it will hurt the sentiments of the Kayastha community to which the Mathurs’ belong.

This development seems to have taken the production house by surprise. Ekta Kapoor did not say anything herself and asked the media to take comments from Tanuj Garg, CEO Balaji Motion Pictures. He said, “No such PIL has been served to us till date. We have just heard about this in the media. The film title relates to normal and standard nomenclature used in the country. It has been approved and registered by our film association. We are surprised to hear about this.” The upcoming comedy is directed by debutant Aman Sachdeva and stars newcomer Siddharth Gupta and Simran Kaur, a former Miss India along with upcoming actress Pallavi Batra. 

The film is based around a unique friendship that simply goes crazy with the arrival of competition. The makers wanted to have a title that will reflect the quirky nature of the film. In order to take ideas, surveys were conducted among the youth of the city of Delhi, especially college students. One of the producers of the film Bejoy Nambiar has said in a statement, "We zeroed in on the word 'jhand', which is very popular in the city. The word describes the hilarious crisis situation that the actor is in”. The funny trailer of the film is out on YouTube.

Controversy over film titles has become quite common in recent times.  Last year the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's ‘Ram-leela’ was delayed because some religious groups filed a case saying the title is ‘misleading’ and hurts religious sentiments by being used in a film that is full of violence and sex. 2009’s Oscar winning film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was criticized is some quarters for carrying a title that depicts Indian society in poor light. Salman Khan’s last film ‘Jai Ho’ was also caught in controversy because A.R.Rahman claimed to have registered the title much before the film.