Ekta Kapoor: fashion disaster

Film maker Ekta Kapoor is known for her bizarre dressing sense. At many functions and social dos, she has been spotted wearing dress which can be easily tagged as ‘awful’.

At the special screening of ‘Lootera’, she stepped out in a hideous gown which looked like a cheap piece of black cloth wrapped around her loosely. The one shouldered black gown had a bad fitting and Ekta was seen adjusting it near her bust area and below her arm holes numerous times. The outfit had a sloppy feel and even made the film producer uncomfortable. Adding to the faux pas, was her strapped wedge sandal which looked tacky as well. There was no style element in the black pair of high heeled sandal. To add spice, shutter bugs captured her uncomfortable moves.

At another function, Ekta was seen wearing a black full length dress which had a plunging neckline. Ekta wore this attire for a function associated with ‘Ek Thi Daayan’. She kept on adjusting the neckline. Once she went to the stage to share the stage space with Emraan Hashmi and while walking, stooped over her platform heels. Thankfully, Emraan held her hand and she was saved from the embarrassment.

At the wedding of Reteish and Genelia, Ekta managed to wear a saree. That was a welcome change. But on a closer look it was noticed that her saree had an unusual and tacky drape. Her velvet blouse seemed to be 2 sizes bigger and ruined the look of her saree. To continue with the icing on the cake, she flaunted ugly pairs of platform shoes.

At yet another occasion, Ekta was seen draped in a knee length dress which had her favorite drape and once again she sported her favorite platform sandals. The dress had an ugly fitting.

At the Balaji awards last year, she was draped in a one shouldered gown which looked like a double bedsheet from Jaipur with the typical pattern of tie and dye. It was a dress which would have saved her day on an evening stroll at a beach. She again wore her platform sandals.

For yet another formal party, where all the actresses dressed up in their best gowns, Ekta wore a short dress in black and wore a black loose jacket over it. On top of it, she was buttoned up as well. And with her, were her ever loving platform sandals. The dress and the occasion just did not complement each other.

For someone who is a veteran of Hindi TV soaps and who has glided successfully as a film producer on the silver screen, the dressing sense is below par. Audience expect some classy dressing sense from Ekta Kapoor.
ekta kapoor
ekta kapoor
ekta kapoor