Ekta becomes a kid while playing with Laksshya, Tusshar Kapoor

Tusshar Kapoor talks elaborately about his son Laksshya and says how he has changed the scenario of the house. His sister Ekta Kapoor becomes a child while playing with Laksshay while grandpa Jeetendra pampers him a lot.

Elaborating more, he says, “Laksshya talks, walks and runs in the entire house. He says words like cars, cats. He calls me papa. He also makes sounds of animals like dog, tiger etc. He is picking up very well.”

On being asked who pampers Laksshya the most, he says, “That’s my dad. He has spoilt Laksshya. He just does any and everything that his grandchild wants him to do. Laksshya just talks in sign language and mumbles a few words. He asks his grandfather to turn on this light or that light or take him out to play and the grandpa just follows that. On the other hand, I try to take control of Laksshya and bring his feet on ground.”

Talking about Laksshya’s closeness with his father and sister, the proud father quips, “After me, it is my sister who he gets along very well with. She becomes a kid while playing with Laksshya. She plays hide and seek with him. She puts a bed sheet on him and does peek-a-boo. Every morning he begins his day by playing with me and then rushes into Ekta’s room. She does crazy things to make him laugh and he loves all the attention. Ekta and Laksshya are like Gemini twins and so they bond well.”

Talking about his routine, he says, “I wake up by 8 am when Laksshya is being bathed. Then he has a 30 minutes nap. In the meantime I go to the gym and be back by 11 am. I play with Laksshya for sometime then head to office by 1 pm and be back by 4 pm. In the evening I take him out to play area and park. We get back home by 7.30 pm, post which he has dinner by 8 pm. Later at night when he is asleep I have my dinner and wrap up all my pending work. I am thoroughly enjoying fatherhood. I feel guilty when I am away from Laksshya.”

 When ask him about Laksshya's plan for Children's Day, Tusshar informed, "At his playschool a Children's Day party is being hosted for the kids. The theme of the event is ‘camping’. There are fun rides also for the kids. I am really excited to dress Laksshya up in the ‘camping’ get up. I have planned his look. I become a kid with him. After hours I end up playing with him and his toys. Being around him is like being in Disney Land."