Eight-year old boy jumps from building to imitate superhero Krrish

In another deadly incident where real life imitates reel life, an eight year old boy recently jumped from the fifth floor of a high-rise building in Patna to imitate the antics of his favourite superhero Krrish. The little boy Shivam is currently recuperating in ICU and managed to survive this terrible incident. This is not the first case where a person has tried to imitate the flying antics that have been performed with the help of special effects by Hrithik Roshan in Krrish. Shivam was very fond of Krrish and wanted to imitate his superhero’s antics which has left him in an unfortunate state.
Recently the spate of deadly incidents following the release of many successful movies at the box-office has increased. Many people, especially children are unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy as depicted in films. According to his friends and teachers from school, Shivam was obsessed with becoming like Krrish. However director of Krrish, Rakesh Roshan says “Krrish was made with the noblest of intentions. How were we to know there would be this tragic side-effect?” However Rakesh Roshan says “It’s up to the parents to let the child know that what he’s watching onscreen is make-believe and must not be attempted by kids.” Roshan claims that often the children in the younger age bracket get carried away and attempt these kinds of stunts.

Though these incidents have made the director sad, nonetheless he will not be deterred in making the next sequel to Krrish. He says “We are definitely going ahead with the next super-hero film and the super-hero series is here to stay.” However Roshan has claimed that right now they are going through various ideas for the story and plot of the next sequel, but they have not yet come up with anything concrete. He also states that he may attempt another film before making the next super-hero film. In order to prevent such disastrous actions taken by little children, Hrithik has even appealed to kids both on television and print not to imitate his actions as Krrish.

Hrithik is all set to play a character with negative shades in his forthcoming film Dhoom 2. This time too Hrithik is seen enacting some daredevil stunts in Dhoom 2 ; well let’s hope that no more serious and deadly incidents occur again.