Durex ad: Watch Ranveer Singh getting hot on bed

Ranveer Singh has broken the taboo and went extra mile to endorse the new durex condom ad. The actor has shot a promotional video for the ad which shows the dashing hunk gets exhausted after having some good time with a beauty on bed. The expression of Ranveehr after having a mind-blowing sex was perfect and the actor was at his best.

The video also had a song which goes as "Baarish ko girne do, khudko main rok hi na paata, galiyon mein firne do, haath mein leke khuhiyon ka chhata". In the ad, Ranveer poses himself, an actor who is successful and flirts with girl with ease as he has his safeguard in his pocket. He hits the dance floor.

The ad is a perfect blend of style and sex. Ranveer woos women and he confidently had sex with them since he had the rex with him.

Women sing 'that was good, it blew me away' to him prompting 'hai na?' I get it. The man's good in bed. "Iss taale ki chabi ko tu jeb mein rakh, kya pata kab khul jai tera luck". The song sounds like a rap. Women dancing around him, wants to get him on bed and Ranveer too proudly accepts their offer.

The 28-year-old actor said about endorsing the brand, “As an actor and as an individual, I have a propensity for pushing the envelope, breaking the mold and taking the road less traveled.

“Over the past three-and-a-half years that I’ve been a part of the Hindi film industry, I’ve declined several tempting endorsement offers. And now, finally, I’m doing the commercial for the world’s leading brand, Durex. I will also create awareness about sexual wellbeing and promote safe sex through this campaign.”

"With the kind of problems we face in our country - HIV and STDs and unwanted pregnancies, I strongly feel that if there is one product that needs to be endorsed, it is condoms," he added.

The actor quipped that since he is a youth, he connects well with the youths of the country and he could send across his message to them successfully and can spread awareness about safe sex.

When Ranveer Singh was asked whether he always carries a condom in his pocket, the Bollywood hunk without wasting a minute answered 'always'.

"Well, I always do. And if there are guys out there who don't, then they absolutely should," he said.

 “Something or the other was always amiss. So I am very glad that I have started out on the endorsement front on my own terms. While I am aware that it's an edgy choice, I have never really made any choices in life that took the middle road. With Durex, I get to use my celebrity status to positively spread awareness about sexual well-being- a topic that people seriously need to get educated about and start talking about more openly- and if my ad is a conversation starter which makes people do so – I think it's awesome”, he added.

Ranveer is quite comfortable in speaking about safe sex, he further said, “I am very comfortable with my sexuality and I am comfortable engaging in conversation and speaking about the subject of sex. I have no qualms and make no bones about it. In our country sex is still a taboo subject, which it really shouldn't be. Sexual well-being is a topic that calls for healthy discussion, education and awareness and should not be shunned”.