Duniyadaari mein Deepika mujhse aage hai, Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone tied the knot in a lavish ceremony at Lake Como in Italy in November, 2018 and post marriage, the ‘Simmba’ actor moved into Deepika’s house unlike the tradition. The dedicated husband reasoned as why he moved into wife Deepika’s home.

 Ranveer said, ''I've grown up seeing a marriage where the attitude is to make it work regardless of anything. A marriage is a commitment, out is not an option. So whatever you have to work through, you do. The most sensible and convenient thing was for me to move into her set-up. She is comfortable there and I don't want to displace her. I always try to give her priority.''

The actor further added that his doting wife is more responsible than him. ''I genuinely believe she is a far more evolved and wholesome person than I am. She is more responsible, mature and independent. Duniyadaari mein woh mujhse aage hai,'' he added.

In an another interview, Ranveer revealed that Deepika is a strict wife, who has banned him from doing three things. Sharing the things, he is not supposed to do, Ranveer said, “Staying out of the house till too late, leave the house without eating and miss her calls”. Talking about Deepika, he revealed that she is gharelu and stated, "She is so gharelu...I love it...I love it. I am telling you I am going to be the husband of the millennium. I am going to glide and breeze through it."When Jitesh asked him if he ever thought he would lose Deepika, the Simmba actor remarked, “No, I never had such a thought, of course, there are ups and downs, but I had made up my mind that she was the one, she is the only one whom I wanted to marry, so I was prepared to go through anything."