Drunken Vidya disrupts shoot!

Vidya Balan has shocked director Sujoy Ghosh when she appeared before him totally drunken and shaky. Vidya could not stand on her feet and swayed left and right. She was to pose for a photo shoot for Sujoy Ghosh’s ‘Kahaani’ but was not in the position to shoot.

Ghosh was shocked to see Vidya is such a condition. Sujoy could least understand that she was just acting to be drunk but in reality she was totally perfect. On learning Vidya’s truth, Ghosh was embarrassed. She was so convincing in her act that Sujoy granted her "full marks for playing this role to perfection."

‘Kahaani’ is a story about a married woman whose hubby comes down to India from London in search of a job but goes missing. Balan plays as a pregnant woman who comes to Kolkata in search of her hubby.