Drona all set to make Abhishek Bachchan the numero uno superhero

Abhishek Bachchan and his family are elated with his forthcoming nuptials to Aishwarya Rai and also with his first super hit performance in the film Guru. Amitabh too is extremely proud of his son and according to sources is now taking a keen interest in his son’s career. The Bachchans want Abhishek to be in the top league of actors and according to sources they are now making all efforts to promote Abhishek and his forthcoming films. Abhi is currently shooting for Goldie Behl’s film Drona and he supposedly plays a kind of superhero in the film. Sources claim that Amitabh is going all out to ensure that his son out beats Hrithik as a superhero and gets into the top league of actors.
Drona is being directed by Goldie Behl and produced by Shrishti who are close family friends of the Bachchans. Sources claim that Amitabh is also financing a major portion of the film which is estimated to have a budget of around Rs. 60 crores. Recently in Dhoom 2, Hrithik’s performance was termed as better than Abhishek’s and he has also been appreciated as India’s first superhero. Recently Abhi was also upset with Hrithik due to the entire Ash-Hrithik smooch in Dhoom 2. However now the Bachchans want to ensure that Abhi overtakes Hrithik as a superhero. Drona will have a lot of hi-fi special effects and the entire look of the film will be top class. Sources claim “Drona is their answer to Krrish and hence the Bachchans along with director Goldie Behl are making all efforts to overshadow Krrish’s superpowers.”

The Bachchans have planned to go all out in their marketing of Drona and have taken the first step by shooting part of the film in Prague and the rest in Rajasthan. However the concept, look of the characters and story of the film is being kept a secret and will be a surprise. The film also has real life mother-son duo Abhishek and Jaya Bachchan working together for the first time. Abhishek will be doing plenty of daring stunts in the film and he will have a unique European look with long hair etc. The film also stars Priyanka Chopra who will also have a different look. So will Abhishek’s superhero manage to beat Hrithik’s superhero? The entire Bachchan family wants Abhishek to emerge as the number one superhero, so let’s wait and see if Drona manages to give Abhi a new image.