Richa Chadda's driver stabbed

The beautiful Bollywood actress Richa Chaddha was shocked to learn that her driver Ravi Kalavade was stabbed. One of the driver’s neighbours attacked him with a knife and hurt him mortally. The wounded driver was rushed to the Cooper Hospital.

Recalling the horrid incident, Richa Chaddha said, “Two days ago, I got a call from my driver’s wife saying that he was stabbed by their neighbour. I was shocked to hear this and before I could reach his place, he had already been admitted in Cooper hospital. They have also fired an FIR against the neighbour. He has been working with me for quite a few months now and I told him that I am here for him if he needs any help. I won’t fire him as he needs the money right now.” True to her words, the actress is driving her cars and has not hired any driver. We respect her kind gesture and applaud her for the same.

A close source narrated the whole incident as, “Ravi, who lives in Versova, got into a fight with a neighbour and soon things turned ugly when Ravi was stabbed in the chest. It seems that they have had issues in the past as well and now Ravi has filed a case against his neighbour at the Versova police station. His condition is improving but it is a major injury and it will be a while before he recovers.”

Richa is at present busy about her upcoming flick ‘Tamanchey’, which is all set to release on 19th September this year. The character she portrays in the film is strong and often indulges in using foul language. When Richa was asked whether she took help from anyone to learn the bad words, she replied back by saying that, "Mumbai roads were a big teacher. Whenever I am driving, my mind is constantly clouded with such words and language. I have been living in Mumbai for five to six years and so, I was well prepared."

Replying to the similarity between her role in the film ‘Tamanchey’ and her previous movie ‘Fukrey’, the actress stated that, "There is no similarity between the two. I started working on Tamanchey before Fukrey. The only thing is that both are very confident characters. But this girl (in Tamanchey) knows how to use her sexuality to her advantage.” We wish her all the best and hope that her latest film ‘Tamanchey’ does well at box office.