Drama in Dubai as SRK takes on Amar Singh

Drama in DubaiIf the show began with taalis at Dubai’s Airport on February 26, it reportedly ended with gaalis. We’re talking about a cinema awards function where Samajwadi leader Amar Singh apparently had a powwow to beat all pow-wows with Shah Rukh Khan...
...When Singh and Amitabh Bachchan walked in, they were ushered to the 11th row. Offended, both are said to have staged a virtual walkout — with fisticuffs and a slanging match between producer and event manager Karim Morani and Amar Singh taking place in public view. ‘‘I lost my cool when Morani showed disregard for a person as great as Amitji. Yes, there was a scuffle — in fact, Zee’s Subhash Chandra also slapped Morani,’’ claims Singh.

Onlookers say Chandra apologised to the duo and got seats placed right in front of the stage. But tension lingered. Shah Rukh, known to be close to the Moranis, reportedly intervened with Singh. ‘‘Shah Rukh was patronising and rude. When things heated up, he accused me of goondagardi. I was furious and said, I am a goonda for those who are disrespectful to Amitji,’’ said Singh. Did Amar Singh, SRK come to blows?

Sources present at the event claim matters came to a head with a scuffle taking place between Singh and Shah Rukh. Singh denies this but admits the interaction was ‘‘ugly.’’

Reportedly, the altercation ended with Shah Rukh being stranded in Dubai as he was not invited to join Bachchan and Singh on the Ambani jet back to Mumbai, as originally scheduled. SRK was forced to rush to Abu Dhabi to catch an Air-India flight back to India.

‘‘He missed the flight back with us because his performance at the event went on and on. Amitji had to return in time to catch a connecting flight. We couldn’t have waited for Shah Rukh,’’ said Amar Singh.