Don’t make the mistake of missing ‘Dhoom 3’

It seldom happens that a Bollywood movie comes your way, where finding a flaw is difficult. The ‘Dhoom 3’ is one such movie that is flawless. What a way to celebrate the holiday season of Christmas and New Year. Bollywood is certainly going to close the year in style.

The expectations from the third installment of the ‘Dhoom’ franchisee were certainly high. The viewers expected stunning bikes, breath taking action sequences, skimpily clad stunning heroines and daringly planned robberies. Well, ‘Dhoom 3’ delivered all these and more. Our very own perfectionist, Aamir Khan has for the first time donned the role of a villain and he has excelled in it.

Abhishek Bachchan as the stout inspector Jai Dixit continues to portray the same character as in the earlier parts of ‘Dhoom’ with élan. Uday Chopra provides the much needed comic relief in the film. The story and script of the film is no less a hero in ‘Dhoom 3’. It builds the suspense and keeps you on the edge of the seat without failing to surprise you with its twists and turns. There is not a single boring moment in the film and the only negative point that we can find about the film is that it doesn’t let you leave the seat even for a single moment.

Rohit Vats from IBNLive tweeted that, "The writers have taken care of the back story. Normally Bollywood doesn't do so. Initial stunts are breathtaking. Aamir Khan can pull off daring stunt scenes. It's interesting.”

The cinematography of ‘Dhoom 3’ is stunning and the style quotient of the movie has set a new standard. This is a much wanted but a very rare combination. Vinod Talreja from says that, “"Dhoom:3 gave me the high that I was hoping for. Yes, Dhoom:3 works for me big time and here's why - very rarely do you come across Hindi films that marry form and content so beautifully. Dhoom:3 is ultra cool, but beneath the sheen there's substance too. Set in Chicago, the film is a visual delight. The film makes your jaw drop to your knees courtesy the sweeping impact it makes.”

Katrina Kaif looks ravishing in all her appearances in the flick. The songs and dance sequences in the movie are extravagant and a treat to the sore eyes. It seems the movie is all set to break all the box office records. Grab your ticket before it vanishes from the ticket counters.