Don vs. Don2

Don, the remade version of the original potboiler had focused on an apparent simpleton’s ploy with police- his endless encounters with men in authority to emerge unscathed. But Don2 in all likelihood will unravel his globe conquering ploy and emerge as an all powerful linchpin; boasting of an invincible sway over power politics of the starkly grim underworld.














While SRK is all too keen essaying a villainous role, he is particularly focused on pinpointing the influence of fiction.  With the already established hold over Asian underworld, Don2 is likely to expand its domain into the lustrous realm of Europe. Consequently, there has been a switchover in the perspective of action with situational shift from Malaysia to Germany. The earlier Don might have tricked his way out of investigating authority; but the ruthlessly inclined Don of Don2 will be catering to an invincible plan so that the ultimate quest for indomitable power can be realized.

Keeping in mind the newly set out power equation; the rustic looks of a simpleton gives way to a ruthlessly ragged look. The betel leaf chewing rustic gives way to a starkly violent aura- to be heightened by disheveled hair, glares and stubble. With Singhania having a leading role to offer in respect of Don’s fortune, the late mafia’s Pandora’s Box may have an influential hold over Don’s fortune.

In view of the changed makeover the growingly powerful Don- SRK has not only availed of newly imported fighting techniques; but also ensured the development of extra six packs. The boldly outlined tattoo of ‘D’ and blackness of the Don’s outfit sets him apart in bold relief to other struggling contenders.
Don 2










Roma with her original intention of vengeance was ultimately enamored of the Don’s rustic simplicity. Priyanka Chopra to carry ahead the role of Mona is going to be seen in league with the law enforcing agency of Interpol. But in order to see if/if not Mona undergoes a change of standpoint, you have to wait for Don2’s celluloid delineation.

Besides the technical makeover to 3D format- a unique novelty of Don2, certain fresh inputs are to be expected in the storyline as well. The prelude to Don2 was penned down by the marvelously creative strokes of Javed Akhtar; but Don2 incorporates a refreshing dimension with two of Don’s ardent admirers outlining the bare nuances of storyline. There has been a significant shift in respect of characterization as well- with Lara Dutta & Kunal Kapoor replacing the original pair of Arjun Rampal & Isha Koppikar.