Dolly says sorry to Shweta on Bigg Boss

The drama in the Bigg Boss house seems to be never ending. Dolly Bindra is back on Bigg Boss but this time we can see a sea change on her behavior. She is not longer loud and behaved sweetly with each of them especially Shweta Tiwari.

She was back on public demand and henceforth Bigg Boss has given her a special status where every member has to look after her comfort and discomfort. In a special task given by Bigg Boss, Dolly Bindra apologized the housemates for her rude behavior and more specifically Shweta Tiwari. she apolozised to Shweta for picking up fights and using abusive language against her. In return, Shweta forgave her and too asked sorry for her behavior.

Situation seems to be under control in the Bigg Boss house. Let’s see how long peace prevails in the house.