Dolly, Sameer thrown out of Bigg Boss

Dolly Bindra picked up fight again in the house with Shweta Tiwari and in the consequence, she and Sameer Soni was evicted by Bigg Boss. They were thrown out of the house for breaking rules. Dolly Bindra got violent in the show and in order to stand her point, she became physical. Regarding some issues, she had a heated argument with Shweta when Sameer Soni intervened. Out of anger, she holds Shweta’s hand.

Then Bigg Boss made an announcement and remind them about the rules that violence is not allowed in the house and both of them should consider it a warning. Both Sameer and Dolly accepted their fault but the peace in the house was for a short period. They again fought on another issue and out of fury, Dolly almost hit Sameer. Bigg Boss reacted to the situation and at the moment asked Dolly and Sameer to leave the house.

Housemates were happy with Dolly Bindra’s exit but at the same time they felt sorry for Sameer.