Does Katrina Kaif suffer from autophobia?

Autophobia is the fear of being alone or of one’s self. One wonders whether Katrina suffers from anything similar to that. A person close to Katrina has revealed that she prefers staying in hotel suite than in an apartment.

While speaking to a leading daily, that person said, “For Katrina it`s very lonely to stay in an apartment all alone. She goes through that experience in Mumbai where she has no one to share her home with. When shooting outside Mumbai, Katrina prefers the detached neutrality of a hotel. It`s far more convenient and practical.”

He has heard that success brings jealousy. The actress had a huge success with Ek Tha Tiger. Is that the reason why people are avoiding her? Or is it the fear of failure. The actress has vehemently denied that and had said, “I don't get scared. It's wrong if people say a hit is expected of me all the time. Of course, everyone fears failure, but for me there is no added pressure to succeed. It is up to the audience to accept or reject a film and I am happy my audience has supported me so far.”

She had admitted previously that she likes company. Before staring the shooting of New York, she had said, “Actors feel lost without all the attention. I am most comfortable in front of 300 people on a set. Otherwise, I am lost. It's too much quiet, too much alone.”

Also she had once said, “It gets very difficult at times. Doing a film takes up so much of your time because when you do a film you are absolutely into it. For three months that unit becomes your family and then once the film wraps up, that world ends. You are constantly on the move and that can get lonely at times but you have to understand that is how it functions and look forward.”

Apparently, even if she doesn’t admit, one feels she misses Salman Khan. Speaking on the different persons she has meet in her life, she said, “There have been different people at different times in life. My family has always been by my side, my management guys who have worked with me. You do make friends but sometimes that changes as well. Some people come into your lives and then they go away.”

We hope that she indeed finds her soul mate one day.