Doctors want apology from Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan’s talk show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ stirs the nation. In his fourth episode, the actor forecast the malpractices, negligence, unethical practices, corruption prevailing in the medical department which miffed the doctors. An umbrella body of 21 medical institutions asked Aamir Khan to apologize for highlighting the doctor in a bad light.

Medscape India said the representation of malpractices performed by doctors showed on the show was "rather sad" and Aamir Khan should apologize for highlighting wrong facts about doctors.

"It is rather sad that doctors should be made the object of such shameless, unilateral scrutiny," Himanshu Mehta, co-founder and advisor to Medscape India, said.

"Aamir Khan is my favourite actor and he should stick to making films," said another doctor, Sunita Dube, president of Medscape.

"Surprisingly, no doctors' body has spoken against Aamir yet. We need to stand united against such blatant lies. We are going to write a scathing letter demanding an apology from him," Dube said.

Medscape pointed out that doctor works under immense pressure. In spite doing their duty sincerely, they were subjected to assault without any fault.

"Where is Aamir Khan when doctors are assaulted? Where is he when we give free treatment to the needy?" asked Kishore Taori, president of the Maharashtra Medical Council that is associated with Medscape.

Female feticide, dowry, child abuse etc are the various issue discussed in Aamir Khan’s chat show.