Doctor advises Salman to give up smoking

Salman Khan was rushed to the Geetanjali Hospital in Wai, on Monday night after a fire erupted on the sets, causing smoke congestion. He complained discomfort and soon he was taken to the Geetanjali Hospital in Wai where he was shooting for Arbaaz Khan’s ‘Dabanng’. There the doctor advised Salman Khan to give up smoking as it would cause a great harm to his health.

"His (Khan's) condition was aggravated by two factors. First he had been travelling all of the previous day and was exhausted. Secondly, his smoking habits, coupled with the smoke inhalation, caused him further discomfort," said Dr Jayghosh Kaddu, medical director of the hospital. "I told him that he would be a better actor to his fans if he gave up smoking as it would be better for his health. He took the advice very sportingly with a smile," added Kaddu.

Tests have been conducted on the actor and reports tell that everything is fine. In the past, several times, Salman Khan promised to give up smoking but he failed to keep his words.

Let’s see whether this time, he will be able to keep up his promise or not.