Diya kissed by a stranger!

Diya MirzaThere is a reason why disgust and humiliation is written on the face of Diya Mirza when we see her kissing scene in the promos of her forthcoming film Tumsa Nahin Dekha.
The movie has Diya playing the role of a stripper. But Diya dismisses the rumor that the movie is...
...a soft-porn. She goes on to say that there is not even a single stripping scene in the film. The only bold scene in the film shows her kissing her co-star Emraan Hashmi .

Diya says even this kiss is not titillating. She shared her thoughts on the much talked-about kiss in an interview.

“The kiss in the movie is an integral part of the story. It shows the first encounter between Emraan and me and if you see the promos carefully you will see disgust and humiliation on my face. It is because my character is kissed by a stranger,” says Diya.

But how would she react if some stranger were to kiss her in real life.

“I will simply beat him black and blue,” she replies.

Well, she doesn’t know that there are many guys who would deem a hot kiss as a reasonable bargain for a black eye.