Divyanka's ex-Ssharad Malhotra gets married to Ripci Bhatia

Ssharad Molhotra, who has a marriage phobia finally got over his fear and entered into wedlock with his girlfriend Ripci Bhatia in a traditional anand karaj ceremony in a Mumbai gurudwara. The married couple was twinned in pink and they looked adorable together. Ssharad is expected to throw a grand party for his friends and close ones tonight.

Meanwhile, sharing details on the big day, Ssharad had revealed, “Our wedding trousseau is ready, it’s a bit colour- coordinated. For the day wedding, I am wearing a pearl white sherwani. For the evening party, I will wear a champagne coloured suit. Somewhere, I think we are coordinating with each other. I have practically got married on screen for 6-7 times. So I think may even be knowing the few mantras too.”

While Ripci Bhatia had said, “I am working for 12-13 hours a day and then commuting for another 2-3 hours, so the junk of the day is gone. And the remaining time, you want to come to the home, relax, workout and enjoy with your family and friends. Luckily, I have a good team which is taking care of everything. I have my sister back home who is taking care of everything. My brother in law, my friends, my family friends, so everyone is pitching into it. and contributing."

Few videos from their wedding ceremony was shared on social media.

After seven years of courtship, Ssharad and Divyanka broke-up and later the actor also dated Pooja Bhatia for two years. Finally, he found love in designer Ripci and made it official with her.

Congratulations to Ssharad and Ripci!