Divorces in Bollywood

It seems like Bollywood actors have adopted the Hollywood notion of ‘date and ditch’. The last few years saw some of the most long term couples heading for a divorce and being celebrities, they had to wash their dirty linen in public. Here’s a look at the five most shocking divorce cases in the Hindi film industry.

Aamir Khan and Reena: They were married on the 18th of April, 1986 and have two children Junaid and Aira. Their marriage had been on the rocks since 2001 and they had been living separately. They petitioned for a mutual divorce in on December 9th, 2002. The reason for this divorce, as given to the court was ‘temperamental difference’ but the media rumored that this divorce was an outcome of Amir’s alleged affinity towards Dil Chahta Hai co-star Preity Zinta. Keeping their differences aside, Reena had actively been a part of Lagaan’s post production works. The court decided the child custody order to be in favor of Reena, though Amir is allowed to meet them thrice a week. Amir Khan is presently married to Kiran Rao.
Aamir Khan
Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh
: Despite their differences in age, Saif Ali Khan went on to marry Amrita Singh in the year 1991. They were madly in love at that time. The marriage lasted till 2004 when Saif was reported to have been dating an Italian model Rozza Catalano. They had a ‘talaaq’ ceremony in their Lokhandwala complex which solemnized their divorce. Rumors had spread that they were heading towards reconciliation when the media spotted the duo together at many places. Amrita Singh rubbished these rumors in an interview and made it clear that she was not going back to her ex-husband. Saif is presently dating actress Kareena Kapoor and rumors suggest that the couple might be tying the knot soon.
Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh
Sanjay Dutt and Rhea Pillai: This couple got married in 1999 on Valentine’s Day. The love didn’t last however and they started living separately in 2002. Sanjay Dutt kept himself busy with his work while Rhea concentrated on her Art Of Living Classes. Rhea had been with Sanjay Dutt ever since he was convicted on charges of possessing AK-47 rifles. After their divorce Sanjay Dutt dated starlet Manyata for two years before finally tying the knot in 2008. They are now the proud parents of two twin baby boys.
Sanjay Dutt
Kamala Hassan and Saarika
: Kamala Hassan married Saarika after divorcing his first wife Vany Ganapathy. They had two children Shruti and Akshara. Shruti Hassan has recently joined the film industry and is also an accomplished singer while Akshara is studying in Bangalore. Saarika decided to part her ways when Kamala Hassan’s alleged affair with Simran was making the headlines in page 3. Saarika filed a divorce case in 2002 and the couple officially split in 2004. Hassan’s affair with 22 years younger Simran did not last and now he lives with Gouthami Tadimalla, a former actress and his co-star in many South Indian films. Saarika though had taken a sabbatical from acting after her marriage, she re-entered Bollywood as Naseeruddin Shah’s wife in Parzania.
Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon
: Rumors say that Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar had been deeply in love and they had even tied the knot secretly. When Akshay Kumar started dating Twinkle Khanna, he requested Tandon for a divorce. According to the media, Akshay had been pleading Raveena to speed up the divorce process so that he could marry Twinkle Khanna. In the mean time, after the release of Dhadkan, Shilpa Shetty revealed that Akshay had been cheating and two timing with her, thus creating a tension in his relationship with Twinkle.