Divorced pair Rajeev-Delnaaz to patch up in Bigg Boss 6

Bigg Boss 6 brought Delnaaz Irani and Rajeev Paul under the same roof. Though Rajeev Paul made many attempt to woo back his ex-wife but Delnaaz did not respond fruitfully. The more Rajeev tries to come close to Delnaaz, she moves away. But it seems slowly Delnaaz past feelings for her ex-husband blow up.

The miracle happened on the dining table, when Rajeev asked Delnaaz as how the rice has been prepared. That’s when, he had a cough. Seeing his condition, Delnaaz suddenly got up from her seat and offered him water and pats his back to comfort him.

Navjot Singh Sidhu who turned marriage counselor for the divorced couple tells Rajeev that Delnaaz still has a feeling for him and cares him a lot. Listening him, Delnaaz refutes the comment stating that nothing is left between them now.

From day one, Rajeev tried to impress Delnaaz. When on the first day, he saw her crying before her family photo, he sent warm hug through her bedmate and tried to comfort her but she did not respond.

According to Delnaaz, she has moved on in life and nothing has left between them. Rajeev very often discusses his marital problem and his break-up with Sidhu and the ex-cricketer tried to calm him. Rajeev told Sidhu as how hours after hours, he stand before her house and tried to talk to her and sort out the differences but Delnaaz did not make any attempt to sort thing out.

 Well, it is Bigg Boss 6 and anything can happen inside the house. Bigg Boss house has witnessed patch-up, break-up and even marriage and so nothing could be predicted.