Director of Shahrukh Khan's TV show ‘Fauji’ passes away at 87

Raj Kumar Kapoor who directed Shahrukh Khan in 1988's hit TV show ‘Fauji’ passed away at 87.

His demise was confirmed by his daughter Ritambhara. She told IANS, "My father died at 10.10 p.m. yesterday. He was in a hospital for sometime, but his death was very sudden. He was otherwise in good health... He went quite peacefully."

A Facebook post from Kapoor's family read: "This is to inform you that our beloved dad, Raj Kumar Kapoor, has left his earthly body to go on a brand new adventure."

Informing the news of his sad demise, his son wrote on Facebook , "This is to inform you that our beloved Dad, Raj Kumar Kapoor (Colonel), has left his earthly body to go on a brand new adventure." Reportedly, the cremation took place at Lodhi Crematorium, Delhi at 3:30 pm, yesterday. 

In Samar Khan and Sonali Kokra’s book, SRK - 25 Years of a Life, late Colonel Kapoor called Shahrukh a "hard working guy."  In an interview in the book, Raj Kumar Kapoor remembered SRK from the sets of the serial and said, "I still remember the sleek boy from Delhi's Gautam Nagar, who had come to my place. I loved his confidence and called him for an audition. He arrived with the other boys for the audition. Because the show was about Commandos, I made everyone run with me."                                                                                                                   

"I've been an actor, I've fought three wars, but all that anybody seems to remember is that I launched Shah Rukh 20 years ago. It amuses me to think that I'm given credit for something I played no part in. Shah Rukh's parents made him, I didn't. I didn't make a superstar; I simply chose the right man for a job I had. What happened before or after that in his life has nothing to do with me," he wrote.