Director Mohit Suri to marry Udita Goswami

Director Mohit Suri and actress Udita Goswami has been dating for few years. The duo had seen many ups and downs in their relationship but for quite sometime they are going steady. Mohit Suri has now decided to take his relationship with Udita to the new level but he has set a condition. He will tie the knot with his ladylove only if his new flick, ‘Crook: It’s Good To Be Bad’ becomes a hit.

When he was asked about this absurd condition, he answered, "I need money to support the lifestyle Udita is used to. There's no point in getting married and then thinking of practical matters. So yes,Crook has to be a success. The day it's declared a hit, I'll propose to her. Then the ball is in her court."

Udita might be praying to God for the success of the film but it was strange that she was missing from the first screening of the film. Explains Suri, "The screening was for the cast and crew. Udita will watch the film soon."

Well, we also hope for the best outcome of the film and Mohit and Udita soon gets into matrimonial bonding.