Dipika Kakar wins ‘Bigg Boss 12’, hubby Shoaib Ibrahim welcomes wife home

Dipika Kakar won the 12th season of the reality show, ‘Bigg Boss’ by beating Sreesanth and she was given a warm welcome by her actor husband Shoaib Ibrahim. Shoaib Ibrahim welcomed Dipika with open arms. Dipika was greeted by dhol beats and flowers and her hubby carries Dipika in his arms inside the home. Apsrt from the 'Bigg Boss 12' trophy, Dipika, also won a cash prize of Rs 30 lakh, told PTI.

The actor even performed Bhangra at the house’s entrance. The house was beautifully decorated and Dipika also cut a cake with Shoaib and her family.

Talking about her victory, she said, “I am grateful to each and everyone who voted for me and made me the winner of Bigg Boss 12. I am very happy and proud that Sreesanth and I were the top 2 contestants. So the moment that was announced, we knew that someone between the two of us will win.”

“I am thankful to everyone. I had anticipated that Sreesath, Deepak and I would be there in the top three. I was just praying I win the show, I am very happy I won,” “I wanted to prove that Bigg Boss is not about being mean or demeaning anybody and it is about being honest and good. I am very happy (with) the way I conducted myself on the show. I won,” she said. Dipika said this win proved that she stood for the right and “never played dirty to prove anyone right or wrong. It was all about being good and graceful”.

The actress admits she was blank the moment her name was announced, “After taking the trophy in my hand I got blank. I actually don't even remember how I reacted after my name was announced. I will have to see the footage to see my own reaction. The only moment I can recollect was that I saw Shoaib and Saba sitting in the audience, teary-eyed.”

Speaking about her bond with Sreesanth, she said, “This was a relationship that got stronger and deeper with time. ‘Bhai’ has been aggressive but I never saw him wrong. Had he been wrong, people, including the housemates, would not have loved him.” “There was a good side to him. His aggression did fire back on him, but that doesn’t mean he is a wrong person at heart. We both were there for each other, providing strength,” she added.