Dipika Kakkar, Shoaib Ibrahim celebrate first Eid together after wedding

Dipika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim celebrated first Eid together after wedding. On the special day, the newlyweds have shared their pictures. Dipika looked stunning in a light gold sharara while Shoaib has donned a dull gold kurta.

Talking about her first Eid, Dipika had told, “Trying to keep rozas as much as I can. And it's not that difficult for me as I used to keep roza before marriage also.”

We also asked the actress what is she going to cook and what’s Shoaib’s favourite dish? To which she had replied,“Menu is yet not decided. But it will be a three course meal right from chaat to biryani and sweets-all made by me. As far as Shoaib’s favourite dish is concerned, he really likes Achari Mutton, Daal Baati and Paneer Makhni”

Dipika, who converted to Muslim after wedding tried a green sharara to celebrate her first Eid with Shoaib and his family.

Dipika also fasted during Ramzan. She also shared pictures of her iftar with Shoaib's family.

The actress beautifully decorated her hands with mehendi and wrote Shoaib’s name.

Talking about her plans as how to celebrate Eid, Dipika said, “I would be wearing a green coloured Sharara. At least, that’s the plan. I am also excited much about the elaborate henna that would be applying on my hands, the day before,” she was quoted as saying.

She added, “I will definitely spend time with family, after all it’s my first Eid after marriage. Everyone in the family is very excited right now, we even have a brand new wardrobe for the festival.”

Dipika bonds very well with her mother-in-law. She addresses her mother-in-law as ‘ammi (Mom) and wrote an emotional message, “Thank you Ammi for giving me all the love… for making me believe that I am your 3rd child…that I’m not your daughter-in-law…infact your daughter….I love you and I always will… Happy Mothers Day Ammi!!! PS sorry.”
dipika kakkardipika and shoaib
dipika and shoaib