Dino Morea turned 33 years old

For Dino Morea, his birthday Sunday is an especially memorable occasion what with the attention he has got, mainly from women, for his appearance in "Dus Kahaniyaan".
"All in all, a great birthday!" a triumphant Dino told IANS after the accolades he has got for his 10-minute appearance in the story "Sex On The Beach" in "Dus Kahaniyaan".

"Dus Kahaniyaan" strings together 10 different stories directed by six directors.

While on the personal front he remains single, on the professional front he couldn't have hoped for a better deal.

His 10-minute appearance has fetched him long stretches of hectic 'hits'. And we aren't just talking about his website. Apparently, the erotic content of the story has had its effect.

"You're right. Women have reacted enthusiastically to me. For those 10 minutes of cinema I've received more calls, SMS and email than all my recent films. Some of it is quite lurid and unprintable," Dino told IANS.

Dino's next release "Brahm" too finds him in various compromising positions on screen.

"I do have some lovemaking scenes in 'Brahm'. I don't mind getting intimate on screen as long as it's done tastefully. I wouldn't jump into bed with my co-star as an item in the script."

The actor's production house Clockwork Productions is also going great guns.

"We had shot a paint ad with Karan Johar and Kareena and we're shooting half a dozen other ads with top ad filmmakers. My feature films will start shortly. I'm in negotiation with top names. Though some of my productions will feature me, not all.

"I've a number of outside assignments on the floors or in late stages of negotiation."

And does he have anyone special in life? "I brought in my birthday with close friends. No one special in that sense. But I'm looking out for someone to share my life with. Yeah, I'm ready to settle down."

Indo-Asian News Service