Dimpy Ganguly shares her breath-taking wedding pictures

Rahul Mahajan's ex-wife and ‘Bigg Boss 8’ contestant, Dimpy Ganguly, tied the knot with her Dubai-based boyfriend Rohit Roy in November last year. The duo had dated for two years before getting married. Though, it has been few months since their D-Day, the gorgeous Bengali beauty shared her wedding pictures only recently.

The couple appears very much in love in the breath-taking wedding photoshoot is has gone viral on the Internet. The pictures shared on Instagram are mostly in black and white hue and Dimpy has also beautifully captioned each image.

In one picture, Dimpy and Rahul are seen kissing in a corner as their friends look over stealthily. Dimpy captioned the photo, ‘Don't think there is anything more romantic than a stolen kiss..;)”

In another, the couple holds on to each other and their friends surround them holding sparklers in their hands. The caption for the image reads, ‘...and there amidst all the chaos I found my peace.’

A picture of Dimpy running alongside her husband was captioned, ‘Maybe some women are not meant to be tamed..maybe they just need to run free untill they meet someone just as wild to run with them..:)’

Another photograph has the couple releasing sky lanterns, yet another has the duo dancing under the moonlit sky.

Dimpy rose to overnight fame when she married Rahul Mahajan on the reality show, ‘Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega’ in 2010. However, the two separated within three years in 2013 and their divorce came through in early 2015.