Dimple, Sunny’s extramarital affair exposed, Dharmendra reacts

Social media peeps into the personal life of the people and if it finds anything controversial, it wastes no time to make the report go viral. It was not too late when Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan’s smoking picture outside a hotel in New York went viral and now Dimple Kapadia and Sunny Deol’s extramarital affair has been exposed to the world.

Lately, Dimple Kapadia and Sunny Deol’s intimate picture at a bus stop in London went viral. The picture shows the duo holding each other’s hands.

Last month, Sunny Deol took a week break to be with Dimple in London and the duo spent quality time with each other. They look very much in love. In one hand, Dimple was holding Sunny’s hand while with another hand she was holding a cigarette. The video and the picture were uploaded by a fan on August 9 and now it has gone viral.

Shockingly, the picture was liked by veteran actor and Sunny Deol father Dharmendra.

It came into forefront when self-proclaimed critic KRK shared the viral video on his Twitter timeline with a caption, “Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia are enjoying their holidays together. They are looking beautiful couple” and surprisingly Dharmendra liked it.

It is very shocking to get such reaction from Dharemendra because his son is legally wedded to his one and only wife Pooja for many years and they are proud parents of two sons. The viral picture of Dimple and Sunny Deol put a big question mark on the actor married life.

Sunny and Dimple’s love affair was hidden for many years as they were totally involved with their respective lives. It is shocking to lean that the flame of love is still burning bright in Dimple and Sunny’s heart.

We hope, this viral picture might not put Sunny’s married life into big trouble.